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Benali's back-up team in the spotlight

October 13th 2016 | News

Francis Benali's back-up team are working tirelessly to keep him on the road.

The 47-year-old has suffered a succession of hamstring and Achilles injuries - not to mention connsiderable bruising and blisters - as he runs and cycles to every Premier League and Championship ground.

He is running a marathon and cycling 75 miles a day in a bid to raise £1m for Cancer Research UK - but the trek is taking its toll on his body.

"Thankfully I have a fantastic support team in place. My physio Kelly Rutledge has done an amazing job of patching me up every day and getting me out on the road," he said.

"I couldn't have done this without her - or without the moral support of my entire back-up team and family who are out on the road at all hours."

Click here to read more about Benali's support team.

His wife Karen added: "Franny is absolutely phenomenal. What he is putting himself through is incredible.

"I run with him as much as I can and I try to keep his spirits up because this is mentally and emotionally exhausting as well as physically.

"The main thing that keeps him going more than anything else though is the cause and the suffering of cancer patients and their families. Click here to read more about the inspiration and the reasons behind Franny's run.

"We really are incredibly grateful for all the donations that have come in but we would love to get a lot more. It is such a worthwhile charity and it would be great if a few big businesses could help out with generous donations.

"Fans and the public have been great but we still need more to help battle this dreadful disease."

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